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What will the physiotherapist do for me on my first visit?

First you will undergo a thorough evaluation of the neck to help your therapist determine the following:

  • Pain behavior/pattern (what, where, when, how intense)
  • Your activity and postural habits as this may influence your pain
  • Screen for serious medical problem that might require urgent medical attention and not physiotherapy attention.
  • Establish the clinical diagnosis – find the structure at fault for causing you neck or arm pain.
  • Establish your goals of treatment

Two parts to all good evaluations

History taking – this will help your therapist get a good idea of your pain behavior and establish a provisional clinical diagnosis before the physical exam.

Physical Exam – systematically and accurately determines the structure at fault.

  1. Posture – your posture gives your therapist insight as to how you have been using your spine in the past years. This posture may contribute to your neck pain.
  2. Neck flexibility – you will be asked to move your neck in 6 directions.
  3. Arm strength testing – your therapist needs to pinpoint the weak muscle groups and determine if your cervical spine works well.
  4. Sensation and reflex testing – your therapist needs to find out if you have any numb areas in your neck or arm to determine good functioning of your nerve coming out of your cervical spine.