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HomeCare Physiotherapy
Physiomontreal can introduce you to physiotherapists who offer homecare services to those who are confined to their homes.For details, please send an email to:

We can help!
Physiotherapists have effective ways to treat many of the problems you can experience.
A variety of techniques are used to help your muscles and joints work to their full potential. Physiotherapy can help reduce pain and inflamation. help repair injured muscles or joints, and help speed up the healing process. Physiotherapists also provide you with advice that can help you prevent problems from returning or even prevent them from occuring in the first place. Learn more...

We can help with conditions that affects your muscles, joints or nervous connections including:

  • painful conditions such as arthritis
  • back and neck pain
  • repetitive strain injury (tendinitis, busitis, carpal tunnels, tennis elbows...)
  • sports injuries (strains, sprains, laceration...)
  • neurological problems (strokes, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy...)

Treatments include:

  • education / prevention
  • exercise programmes (with/without aid of machines)
  • inflammation and pain reducing devices
  • joint mobilisation and/or manipulation
  • massage

For more information send us an email.